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How to be heard in business to generate real influence

What are the videos about?

It’s been many years since former TV reporter Amber Daines, CEO of Bespoke Communications, was in front of the camera. These days she spends most of her working life fine tuning the media interviews and presentation skills of big and small business leaders. And it’s her comfort zone, much like writing is too.

However, if you too want to walk the walk, Amber just knew he had to share what she does with authenticity and proven results. And being the sole talent in a video brings to share something new – a mix of reality and authenticity. She wants everyone who is wanting to be heard to know how much this means to Amber and hopefully brings the book to life.

So here is ‘How to be Heard in Business and Generate Real Influence’ the video series. It can be bought alone or as an add-on to Amber’s same-name book.

In this bite-sized six-part video series – which you can watch in your lunch break or in snippets between meetings or even on the daily commute to work – you are going to learn some of the best and most powerful techniques that Amber has engineered over the past 20 years working in the media, PR and business words.

We know what are the best communications power tools to help anyone get their ideas across, whether you are presenting on a stage with 1,000 people watching or engaged with a new business pitch with a potential client.

If you are the face of a start-up, a cause, a corporate leader or lead a small business wanting to grow, this video series is made for you.

The six short and easy to digest videos cover:



Title: Craft your story

Sub-title: How to be truly heard

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Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 6.09.23 pm


Title: Curate your content

Sub-title: How to choose the best forums for your message



Title: Who matters most?

Sub-title: Why everyone needs an avatar

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Title: Amplify your message

Sub-title: Hustle time!



Title: Practice Makes Perfect

Sub-title: How to get ready for action

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Title: Bring in the experts

Sub-title: The power of realising it takes a village sometimes


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